About Me


Erik Madison Bray

  • M.S. Applied Physics—Johns Hopkins University
  • B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Japanese Language and Literature—Universityof Massachusetts, Amherst

I am a software engineer mostly interested in open source science, and particularly the scientific Python community (though not limited to Python). Currently my primary work is improving packaging and plumbing of the SageMath open source mathematics software system, with funding from the OpenDreamKit project.

You may know me from my previous role at the Space Telescope Science Institute, where I worked on data reduction software for the Hubble Space Telescope and the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope, and was a core contributor to the Astropy project. I also occasionally moonlight as a volunteer instructor for Software Carpentry, where I help researchers and students from accross disciplines learn software development skills.

Prior to that I did some hacking for shady three-letter agencies.

I live in Orsay, France with my partner Irina and our two cats. In my free time I like playing with the cats, playing Beat Saber, trying to learn French, and working to obtain my private pilot's license. In the past I've also lived in Japan and Mexico, and have basic competence in Japanese and Spanish (French I'm still working on). My first name is Erik, but since I have come out as non-binary and transfemme I use my middle name Madison more often, but in the wild you will encounter both. Pronouns: they/them.



This site is for my personal writings on software and other topics—all opinions expressed are my own and not representative of any organizations or projects I work for unless explicitly stated otherwise.